How Phixst Works

Phixst is a simple photo editing service that is fast, affordable and personalized for your immediate needs. 

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There are   2   easy ways   to submit your photo: 

Specific Edits

Editor’s Choice

It's Simple!


Phixst charges a flat fee of just $2.99 for any project of your choice!

Phixst App Icon_edited.png

For less than $20 bucks, you could...


the profiles on your dating apps


your Instagram &

Facebook feed


that fashion, food or travel blog


those framed photos in your home

just a few more taps away from better #selfies


How to Send Phixst a Photo for Editing 

Click the “Upload Photo” button in the app and select your photo for editing.

Tap the areas in your photo to edit OR just submit (we’ll do the thinking for you).

Purchase your service and relax while your Phixster does all the work.

Once your photo edits are complete, you’ll receive a notification that it’s ready.

Download your photo. Share, print and/or post as many times as you’d like!

Other common photo edit requests :

Start getting your photos edited today!